Why Should I use Decision Lens?

Making good decisions is the most important activity for any organization. Yet most organizations today lack any process for robust decision making. Called “BOGGSAAT” (Bunch Of Guys and Gals Sitting Around A Table), today’s decision making has changed relatively little from how it was done decades ago. Decision Lens helps you prioritize, plan better and change course quickly when you need to. Fortune 500 companies and government organizations are using this powerful, proven tool. Decision Lens is used to:

• Develop a priority-based alignment between your strategic and business plans. You will clearly, concisely structure the decision criteria along with the relationship and definitions of those criteria, and then perform pairwise trade-offs to hone in on the exact priority of each criterion.

• Bring together a group of diverse stakeholders from across the organization to develop priorities. Participants collaborate either in-room or from around the globe through the Web.

• Look across your business to evaluate the value of the initiatives that you plan to invest in; understand key industry risks; do “what if” analyses; and return scenarios to maximize your asset portfolio.

• Allocate your resources to the highest value activities.

• Make the best use of your financial and human resources.