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User Management

This User Guide is designed to help you invite people into your portfolio for collaboration and update their permissions (if needed).

Invite People

  1. Navigate to your portfolio within your Decision Lens instance.
    1. Select the ‘People’ link in the top menu bar in Decision Lens.
    1. 'Add People' to your portfolio via email address.
      1. Enter one or more email addresses.
      2. Use the 'Permissions' dropdown to set the role for people being added.
      3. Set whether an email notification should be sent to those being added to the portfolio.
      4. Click 'Add a Personal Message' to provide context as to why you are inviting them.
    2. Select blue ‘Add People’ button
      1. An email is sent to the people added.
      2. People added to the portfolio will also appear in a list below.
    3. Options are available to ‘Remove’ a participant from the portfolio or to ‘Resend Invite’
      1. If you remove a person, a pop up will appear to confirm removal.
      2. Select ‘Confirm.’

Change Permissions

There are three main roles that a user can be assigned within a portfolio plan: Owner, Participant or Contributor. Each role gives users varying capabilities within a plan.

Owner - Owners within the Baseline Plan can manage all portfolio data including field management, project data management, budget and cost data management, user management within the Baseline Plan. Owners can also edit the portfolios name or archive it.

Participant - Participants can be given permissions to edit specific fields or projects within a plan but cannot edit the field structure or add or remove fields from the portfolio. Participants can view all non-draft projects within the portfolio.

Contributor - Primarily added through the Idea Engine. Field permissions are inherited through the Idea Engine form. Contributors can only view and edit projects to which they have been added. View is restricted to the Contributors Projects Table.

  1. Click on the ‘People’ link in the upper menu bar.
  2. Select desired role (Owner, Participant, Contributor) from ‘Baseline Permissions’ dropdown.


    1. For Participants
      1. Click on ‘# Categories', 'Projects’ or '# Fields' to adjust assignments to which the person has access.
      2. Check or uncheck desired system fields or ‘All’ projects to edit (state when no projects have been added).
      3. Select ‘Update Permissions’ if updates are made (Option 1).
      4. Select ‘Done’ if no updates are made (Option 2).
    2. For Contributors
      1. Click on ‘0 Projects’ to adjust assignments.
      2. This will open a pop up to allow you to designate the projects the Contributor can view and edit.
      3. Check or uncheck ‘All’ projects to edit (state when no projects have been added).
      4. Select ‘Update Permissions’ if updates are made (Option 1).
      5. Select ‘Done’ if no updates are made (Option 2).

Next Steps

Now that you have added people to your portfolio and managed their permissions (as needed).

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