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This User Guide is designed to walk Portfolio Owners through setting up a Scoring Framework and using the Score Page to get a 1-n prioritized list.

Set Up the Scoring Framework

Create and Map Value Fields

  1. Create Numeric and/or Category fields and map them to Value
    1. From the Projects Page, click ellipses (…) and select the second item from dropdown “Add Field”
    2. Add a Field Name, Description (optional), and Choose either “Numeric” or “Category” for Data Type.
    3. Select “Value” for “Map this field to a portfolio dimension?”
    4. If Numeric is selected for the data type, select if the field should be Auto-scored or manually scored.
      1. Auto-scored fields will automatically determine the Minimum and Maximum points for the scale based upon the data entered for the field.
      2. Manual enables you to set what the Minimum and Maximum data points should be.
        • If manually scoring, set the Min and Max data points for the field.
      3. Set whether High or Low numbers are better for the field
    5.  If Category is selected as the data type, select the Category Type as Text or Stars. 
      1.  If Text is selected, modify the Category Options, or keep the ones that are pre-populated. Options can be typed over, pasted over, or re-ordered. 
    6. If 0-5 Stars is selected, select if More or Less stars are better.
    7.  Set whether totals for the field should be summed or averaged for visualizations. 
    8. Select Add Field
  2. Map Existing Fields to Value
    1. From the Projects Page, click the ellipses “…” and select Manage Framework.
    2. Drag and drop the field tiles that should be mapped to Value to score projects.
    3. In the Value Column, hover over a Value tile to see a pencil icon to edit that Value Field.
    4. Select the pencil icon and make any necessary updates so the field can be scored appropriately.
    5. When done mapping fields to Value, select “Score” in the upper navigation to set/adjust Value Field Weights or go to the Projects Page to manage the field data for the newly mapped Value Fields.

Adjust Value Field Weights

  1. Value Field weights can be determined in a meeting with leadership or manually entered in from a separate process.
  2. From the My Plans page, select the “Score” tab from the right hand navigation bar.
  3. Fields mapped to Value will display in the Weights Panel on the right side of the page.
  4. Use the slider for each Value Field or the text input to adjust each Value Fields weight.
  5. Once one field is adjusted, select the lock icon to lock it into place. All Value Fields must add up to 100% and will redistribute weight as adjustments are made.
  6. Repeat this process until all Value Field weights have been modified.
  7. Select Save.

Collect Data

  1. To begin scoring Projects, add or update Project data for the fields that have been mapped to Value.
  2. Use Intake Engine to send a form to people to collect Project data. See the User Guide titled “Intake Engine” for an overview of how to set this up.
  3. Import Data. Portfolio Owners can import Project data. See the User Guide titled “Familiar Data Interface – Import" for an overview of how to import Project data.
  4. Manually add data from the Projects page. This can be done by anyone within the Portfolio that has edit rights to the Projects and Fields.

Review Results on Score Page

  1. As a Portfolio Owner, go to the Score Page.
  2. Set date range and filters
    1. In the top right corner, adjust the date range to reflect the years or months you are prioritizing.
      1. Set if projects should be inside, outside, or both inside and outside of the date range set.

    2. Use the Filter Panel to adjust the projects you are prioritizing. Set which statuses should display and/or prioritize based on category fields.
  3. Adjust Weights
    1. If needed, open the Weights Panel, and unlock and adjust the weights for each Value Field with leadership
    2. Save weights if changes are made
  4. Use Column Settings to view and/or modify Project data
    1. Open Column Settings
    2.  Select the eye icon for any field to add it into the Score Page. Once added, data within the field can be modified directly from the Score Page. 
      1. Modifying data within fields mapped to value will immediately update Project Scores.

Next Steps

Now that you have setup a Scoring Framework and have a 1-n prioritized list of projects, use Decision Lens for Scenario Planning and Optimization.