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Portfolio Rollup

This User Guide is designed to guide you through setting up unparalleled visibility of all subordinate portfolios in a single view to enable optimized spending and resource allocation across your enterprise.

Create Combined Portfolio

  1. Select ‘Combined Portfolio’ from the main Decision Lens software home page.
  2. From the ‘Combined Portfolio’ set up screen, enter the ‘Name’, choose how ‘Years’ and ‘Budgets’ will be displayed. Click ‘Let’s Go.’

Add Portfolios to the Combined Portfolio

  1. Once the new ‘Portfolio Rollup’ is created:
    1. Click the ‘Add a Portfolio’ drop-down at the top-right of the screen. This drop-down will be populated with all Portfolios you have access to, in order of most recently accessed. Choose one ‘Portfolio’ to add to your ‘Rollup’ by selecting it.
    2. After the selected ‘Portfolio’ populates in the ‘Rollup’, repeat the process for each additional ‘Portfolio’ you want to add to the ‘Rollup.’

Add Executive or Leadership to the Combined Portfolio

  1. To provide access to your ‘Portfolio Rollup’, use the ‘Person’ icon at the top-right to add stakeholders.
  2. Review the ‘People’ who have access to your ‘Portfolio Rollup.’ To add ‘People’, click ‘Invite People.’
  3. Type in the desired stakeholders email address or name. Auto-complete will show you matching names if they are already a user in Decision Lens.
  4. Once entered, you can choose to ‘Add a Personal Message’ before clicking ‘Send Invites.’
  5. After the Person has been added, you can manage their ‘Permissions’ by selecting whether they are a ‘Participant’ or ‘Owner.’
  6. Repeat this process as needed to add more stakeholders.

Open Combined Portfolio

  1. Once‘Portfolios’ are combined, you can view the combined information on the ‘Summary’, ‘Projects’ and ‘Schedule’ pages as necessary.
  2. The ‘Summary’ page shows the combined Summary of all Portfolios at the top. Individual Portfolio Summaries appear as you scroll down the page.