Participant Roles and Permissions

Participants each have an assigned role in the decision. This role assignment controls how the participants interact with the system and the model data they are authorized to view, add, modify and delete. More information on adding and removing users from a decision can be found at Manage Participants.  Participant Roles are applied at the decision level only. By default the user who created the Portfolio is assigned the Owner role. All other participants will start out as a Voter by default. The Owner can update participant roles at any time.

Role Permissions
  • Add/removes decision participants.
  • Assigns model roles/permissions.
  • Edit rights for all decision data.
  • Enter and edit votes for other decision participants.
Voting Owner
  • Includes all permissions from Owner.
  • May also participate in voting.
  • Add/Remove votes.
  • Ability to view decision data at any time.
  • Ability to create reviewer optimization scenarios.
  • Manipulate data visualizations.
Voting Reviewer
  • Includes all permissions in Reviewer.
  • Ability to cast judgments or ratings on their own time.
  • Ability to view decision data at any time.

          NOTE: Portfolios must have at least one Owner assigned. Having multiple Owners assigned is very common and provides a back up if the primary Owner is unable to participate.

          Reviewer Role

          Enables stakeholders to view decision data but only manipulate certain components so that baseline data is maintained and stakeholders can view inputs and outputs of the decision process.   Participants with the reviewer role are also able to interact with the Allocate screens and create Reviewer Scenarios.

          The following screens allow Reviewers to interact with the features and data, however do not allow them to make edits to the data:


          • Criteria – can view criteria tree and descriptions

          • Rating Scales – view all scales and definitions

          • Participants – view all settings configured for each participant  including ratings assignments and progress


          • Priorities – view judgments and priority graph

          • Ratings  - view ratings data, scoresheet, graph, and comments


          • Allocate, Inputs – view pools, alternative costs, funding status, dependencies, and cost profiles

          Reviewer Scenarios

          Reviewers are able to manipulate data that has already been defined within Optimize and Allocate and create their own scenarios that display within the Scenario Dropdown.  Reviewer scenarios are visible to Facilitators and other Reviewers.  


          • Sensitivity Analysis – can drag bars and view change column, but cannot save custom priority sets

          • Allocate, Outputs - Can drag and stretch gantt bars, fund/un-fund non-forced projects, and save their own scenarios. Reviewers cannot utilize suggest schedule.


          • Can manipulate all visualizations to view how certain changes they make may affect the decision outcome