Move and Reorder Criteria / Sub-Criteria

Criteria in the Tree Canvas can be moved and re-ordered by dragging and dropping. When selecting the criteria to move, choose the highest level in the Tree that you want to move or reorder. All of the sub-criteria will move with the parent.

Move criteria from one branch of the Tree to another: 

  1. Click the highest level in the tree that you want to move to select.

  2. Drag the criteria

Reorder sub-criteria within the same parent criterion:

  1. Click the criterion that you would like to move, and drag it to its appropriate order under the parent.

  2. Release the mouse to drop into position.

NOTE: When moving and organizing criteria within the Tree. The system will automatically show you a preview image of what the drop position would look like. When you are satisfied with the positioning, drop the criteria into place.

To delete a criterion, hover of the criterion and click on the garbage can icon to the right of the criterion bar.

Available Metrics

  1. Click and drag the metric from the left pane and drop under at any level in the criteria structure.   Metrics that are Decision Criteria can be weighted and the ratings of alternatives for each metric will be included in the evaluation of alternatives.  

  2. The weight of the Metric can be set through Pairwise Comparison or in Sensitivity Analysis as a custom priority set.

  3. Metrics that are not Decision Criteria will be saved in the Portfolio and numeric inputs can be added through the Define Alternatives screen.