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Familiar Data Interface – Validate & Organize Data (Hosted)

This User Guide is designed to walk you through how to validate and organize your data to ensure it is correct and actionable.

Validating & Organizing Data

  1. Go to the ‘Projects’ page and ask yourself these initial questions to begin validating your data:
    1. Are all essential fields filled out for each project? Where is data missing?
      1. Scroll left/right in each column to review specific project details.
    2. Does each project have start/end dates?
      1. Update/add that information where needed.
    3. What statuses do my projects hold?
      1. Customize where needed.


Another way to validate your data in Decision Lens is by using our permissioning. Add and assign people to the correct participant roles or to specific projects or data fields to validate faster.

Column Settings

  1. Click the name of the Column header once to sort descending, twice to sort ascending, and three times to present the data in the order it was initially entered into Decision Lens.
  2. Drag and drop columns to the left or right to reorganize column locations.
  3.  Filter any column using the carrot icon to focus on specific information. 

Quick Keypad Shortcuts

  1. Our system uses the same keypad shortcuts as your computer to facilitate updating and validation of project metadata in Decision Lens. Copy/Paste/Undo are ctrl+c, ctrl+p, ctrl+z on Windows or cmd+c, cmd+p, cmd+z on Mac.


  1. Tags are helpful to quickly find and validate projects or subsets of data.

Audit Trail through Project and Plan Activity 

    1. Modified At Column 
      1. The Projects Page automatically displays a Modified At column which shows the last time each project was updated. This column can be hidden from Column Settings.  

    1. Project Activity
      1. View a Project’s individual Audit Trail from its Details View.  
      2. To open the Project Details View, select the ellipses menu next to a Project’s Name from the Projects Page.  
      3. On the far-right side of the Projects Details View, select the Activity Icon, located below the comment icon.  
      4. Search or scroll activity to stay up to date on all activity for the project in view.  

    2. Plan Activity
      1. See what was changed in the portfolio, when and by whom. This information is timestamped and always saved in your portfolio for owners to view. Open the clock icon to see the Plan Activity. 

    Next Steps

    Now that you have learned to validate and organize your data, we recommend continuing with these other Decision Lens User Guides:

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