Does Decision Lens Have a Search Capability?

Decision Lens has search capabilities for most individual sections of the application.  The search will provide targeted results for that screen or section of the applicaiton.   Search results will display and you can sort or scroll to locate information from within the results.

Click the search icon to reveal the input box and add a keyword. 

Search is included on the following screens: 

  • Homepage - Tasks, Portfolios and Submissions each have a local search box.

  • Define - Alternatives and Participants have a local search box. 

  • Collect - Priorities and Ratings have a Quick Search box in the tile navigation section to filter the ratings or comparisons by keyword. 

  • Visualize - screens use a Filtering capability within the left side control panel to select data elements and see the updated the charts and graphs.  

  • Optimize - Allocate has a local search box to locate Alternative names. 

Homepage > Tasks > Portfolios > Subissions


Define > Alternatives: Searches Name and Alternative Categories

Define > Participant: Searches Name and Participant Groups

Optimize > Allocate Outputs: Search on Alternative Name