Updating the Baseline

Your Baseline data is your best guess at what is true and accurate. Your first What-If plan is created from your Baseline. From there, you can create What-If plans using another What-If plan as the foundation. What-If plans allow you to make changes and test out different scenarios that could potentially occur without influencing the data in your Baseline. If you would like to use the information from one of your what-if scenarios to update your baseline you can do so.

 “Update Baseline” from either the Projects page or the Summary page. Below is an image of the icon that represents the ability to Update your Baseline.

If you click “Update Baseline” Decision Lens will ask if you are sure you want to do so. Once you update your Baseline, you can view the tracked changes made to get there in your activity log (Both on the Baseline > Projects page and on the general Activity page)


Please note: The What-If plan that you used to update the baseline plan is still available as a What-If plan.