Budgets Page

The Budgets Page can be used by participants for quick cost edits for multiple projects at once, and then used by analysts to understand the supply and demand within the portfolio.

This page is broken into 2 main tabs: 

  • Budgets Tab: The default tab for the page and where anaylsts can understand the supply and demand for each budget within the portfolio, across all time periods. 
  • Costs Tab: Use this tab to understand the total amount of Requests and Allocations across all projects for each Cost. 

Budgets Tab

This tab is broken into two tables. The top, Budgets by Cost Table displays all budgets within the portfolio. Use the Amount column to add budget amounts for each budget and each timer period. The Availability column will display in red when you are over budget and green when you are under budget.

Budgets are based on the Cost Fields added to the portfolio. Cost fields can be added from the 'Add Field' option in the Actions menu, or from the Costs tab. 

Screenshot 2024-04-14 at 8.21.09 PM

The “Projects” table represents the demand of each project within the plan and enables you to manage each projects status, timing and cost data. There are two types of cost data that can be managed for a project in the Budgets Page: Request and Allocated. The Request column represents how much the project is asking for from each cost field in each time period and the Allocated column signifies the amount actually spent for each cost field in each time period. The Allocated - Request column automatically calculates the difference between the two.

Costs Tab

The Costs Tab can be used as the main view when your portfolios' budgets are managed elsewhere. Use the top table to see total aggregations for Requests and Allocations across all projects and Costs. 

The Add Cost link in this table can be used to add additional Cost Fields quickly, as opposed to using the Actions Menu. 

All portfolios will have at least one Cost. For new portfolios, this field will be named 'Default Cost'. This can be renamed or removed when a second Cost is added. 

Screenshot 2024-04-14 at 8.37.21 PM

Adding Project Costs from the Budgets Page

The Budgets Page is a great place to add project cost data when you want to manage data for multiple projects at a time. From either the Projects Table in the Budgets or Costs Tabs, hover over a projects name and select the '...' menu. Select 'Add Costs' and then select the Costs that the project will draw from.  Once costs are added, use the Request and Allocated columns to add project cost data for the appropriate time periods. Use the timeframe in the upper right hand corner to add more or less years/months to your view. 

Screenshot 2024-04-14 at 8.27.52 PM