Summary Page Grading Overview

There are multiple sections of the Summary Page.  Where applicable, automatic Grading of the portfolio is displayed with details for each of the Value, Cost, Risk, and Balance Fields.  Additionally, a summary rollup of Funding Status is displayed in order to have a snapshot of the Projects within the time horizon. 

Summary Grading Overview

Portfolio Grades add a layer of analytics to understand how your Plan is performing.  Using advanced genetic algorithms, the current plan is assessed against a universe of hundreds of thousands of other potential paths to determine how well the Plan is performing against what might be possible.  

The Grades are not designed to be punitive in nature, but rather offer a directional indicator to be able to understand that there may be other possible resourcing paths providing different results. “A” Grades represent high performing Plans while “F” Grades represent room for improvement.  Often times a higher grade in one area can have inverse relationship (ie higher value equates to higher risk) which can help to identify tradeoffs in different plans.