Project Statuses

Statuses are used by the application to relay the current state of each Project.  Each Project is required to have a Status, thus the status field cannot be left blank.  There are eight Statuses that are available to use in Decision Lens that represent the life cycle of a Project.  These Statuses and their suggested definitions are provided below.  The suggested definitions are only a guideline and statuses can be used as each organization finds appropriate. 

Status Suggested Definition
Draft Projects in their infancy which may not yet have known details or metadata defined
Idea Projects that are forming with details and data added and being updated
Backlog Defined Projects that are known to the Organization as worth of consideration but not yet planned with resources against it
Scheduled Projects that are on the Portfolio planned schedule with resources planned to draw resources against budgets
In-Progress Projects that have begun and are on-going in the Portfolio drawing resources against budgets and that may also include additional future planned allocations
Completed Projects that have been completed and that have past allocations that drew resources against budgets
On-Hold Projects that have been temporarily deferred
Archived Projects that are no longer considered for the Portfolio

Statuses also have an impact on the resourcing of the Portfolio whereby only certain statuses are considered Allocated Status to count against the budget.  Learn more about Resource Allocations and Scheduling in Schedule Overview.

Projects in Non-Allocated Status may have requested costs but do not yet have resource allocations attached and thus do not draw from available resource Budgets.  These statuses do not require start or end dates however start and end dates can be provided as placeholders for when the Project may be scheduled. These Statuses are: Draft, Idea, Backlog, On Hold, and Archived.

Projects in Allocated Status have resource allocations designated for specific time frames and thus draw from available resource Budgets.  These Statuses are: In Progress, Scheduled, and Completed.