Schedule Page Filtering & Sorting

The filter panel on the Schedule page can be accessed through the filter icon in the upper right of the page.  The filter panel enables users to filter the Schedule Page to view subsets of data when desired. There are three sections of the Filter Panel to filter either the Budgets or to Filter and Configure the bottom Projects table.  


The Tag filter section can be used to display tags and to filter accordingly.  The main checkbox allows for Tags column to be displayed or hidden on the Schedule Page.  The list of Tags can be checked to display only certain Tags.  An Or filter is applied displaying any project/Budget that has the Tag.  

Filtering on a tag where only Budgets have been tagged will update to only show budgets that meet any checked tag.   It will also automatically check the filter to only show projects that request from those Budgets 

Filtering on a tag where only Project have been tagged, filtering by tag will have no impact on the Budget table but will filter the Project list 

If both Project and Budget tags are used then the results will display: 

  • any budget that has any selected tag 
  • any project that requests funds from the budgets with selected tag 
  • any project that has the select tag 
  • “Only show Projects with requests for Budgets in view” will be unchecked in this case 

Budgets by Cost Table 

By default, all budgets and all projects will be displayed on the Schedule page including those without request data. By deselecting Cost Types, the view can be updated to only show the desired budgets. 

Projects Table 

The bottom part of the filter panel controls the bottom Gantt chart and enables projects to be filtered by Status or any Balance category that has been added to the portfolio.  Any applied filters and column configuration are saved locally. 

There are four additional filters that can be used to configure your Schedule Page display with respect to Cost Fields/Budgets/Requests.  

Projects with no Costs: This filter will filter the lower (Projects) table to only show projects that are requesting from one or more of the Cost Budgets that are currently displayed.  For example, if filtering to only show a single Cost Budget (Budget Pool A) if this box is checked, only Projects requesting resources from Budget Pool A will be displayed. 

Empty Project Costs Row: This filter will hide any Rows in the lower (Projects) table for all Cost Fields across Projects that are not being used.  For example, if Project X is requested resources from Budget Pool A and Budget  Pool C, if this box is checked, the row for Budget Pool B will be hidden because Project X is not requesting funds from it. 

Projects Outside of Date Range: This filter displays projects that are starting and ending outside of the date range specified in the top right corner.  

Show Locked Projects: Select this to see all locked projects within the projects list of the Budgets or Schedule page. 


Projects can be sorted by Project Name, Status, Start Date or End Date. By default, projects are sorted by Status.