Decision Lens Accelerate - Schedule Page

Schedule Page

The Schedule Page gives planners a place to visualize and interact with their plans schedule. The schedule displayed includes all time periods within the date range identified in the top right.

  • Heatmap identifies bottlenecks and enables tolerance to be adjusted
  • Hovering over a cell provides Budget, Allocation within the month or year and the amount available for that month or year
  • Gantt bars can be dragged to show impacts on budgets
  • Gantt bars can be moved outside of the planning window or to the Backlog from the Gantt Chart
  • Add additional months or years to your date range with the “+” button.


Sorting & FIltering in Schedule

  • By default, only projects that are Scheduled or In Progress display in the Gantt Chart and projects are sorted by Status
  • Projects can be sorted by:
    • Name
    • Status
    • Start Date
    • End Date
  • Use the Filter & Configure panel to adjust the projects and budgets displayed within the Schedule Page
  • Filter projects by any balance category or tag
  • Additional filters:
    • Projects with no costs: Select this to view projects that do not yet have any cost data
    • Projects outside of date range: Select this to view projects in the Gantt Chart that start and end outside of the date range specified.
    • Show locked projects: Use this to layer in projects that have been locked