Project Permissions & Roles

There are three main roles that a user can be assigned within a portfolio plan: Owner, Participant or Contributor. Each role gives users varying capabilities within a plan.

Role Permissions
Owner Owners within the Baseline Plan can manage all portfolio data including field management, project data management, budget and cost data management, user management within the Baseline Plan and can also edit the portfolios name or archive it.  
Participant Participants can be given permissions to edit specific fields or projects within a plan but cannot edit the field structure or add or remove fields from the portfolio. Participants can view all non-draft projects within the portfolio. This is the default portfolio role when adding a new user.
Primarily added through the Idea Engine. Field permissions are inherited through the Idea Engine form and can only view and edit projects they have been added to. View is restricted to the Contributors Projects Table.

New users added to a portfolio by default get added as Participants, with edit permissions for all projects and all project fields.  They will not have permissions to edit Budget or Allocation data.  

Contributor Role

  • Contributors are people that can be added to specific projects or ideas and only view the Contributors Projects View in a portfolio.
  • Contributors can be added or removed by any other contributor to a Draft Idea through the Idea Engine or to a Project in the Project’s table.
  • People added as Contributors can be:
    • In the portfolio
    • Not in the portfolio but in the instance
    • Not in the instance and invited to register
  • Can add a contributor by @mentioning them on a Draft or Project
    • They will receive an email with the comment and a link to the project they have been added to
  • Can be promoted to Participants or Owners
    • Would maintain edit rights to the projects and fields they were Contributors for and would now be able to see all projects and fields
  • Can be demoted back to a Contributor
    • Edit permissions of projects and fields would revert to what they had previously

Baseline Plan Permissions