Completing the Idea Form

User must provide a Project name and click the “Create Idea” button to start the form.  Once created, all further edits are automatically saved.  Form components match the input as seen in the Project Details view with the exception that the Cost Table collects only Project requests.  Balance field dropdowns are prepopulated with existing portfolio options.   

Clicking the Projects link in the upper left brings users to the Projects view to be able to see all draft and submitted ideas.   


The Contributor project view shows all Ideas that the user has created or has been added to.  The Table only displays the fields as configured by the Portfolio Owner by the Idea Form.  Unsubmitted Ideas will be in Draft status and only visible to collaborating users and not Portfolio Owners and Editors.   

Contributors only have permissions to view the Projects they are collaborating on and the Fields set by the Form Configuration.  They will have no access to Summary or Schedule views 

The Projects table is editable, sortable, and filterable just as the main Owner’s Portfolio Projects table.   To access the form view, users can click the more (...) menu or Total Request link (where applicable) to bring up the form.  Last Modified date provides a means to sort by recent work.  A New Project button is available to access blank form to create additional new Ideas.