Bottleneck Analysis Tolerance

In practice, organizations often have either a degree of uncertainty in the Cost and Budget estimates and/or a tolerance to “run hot” planning to overspend budgets.  To accommodate this, there is the concept of a “Tolerance” level that is built into the Bottleneck Analysis.  The Tolerance level defines a percentage that the budget availability is allowed to overrun and still stay within acceptable range.  By default the tolerance is set at 5%.  As such, any negative Budget Availability between 0 and 5% (ie between being exactly on budget or over budget no more than 5%) will display as blue in the heatmap.  Additionally, for debottlenecking recommendations, the algorithms will be allowed to explore options within this tolerance range.   

The current tolerance setting displays below the heatmap and can be edited by clicking on the link to bring up the edit dialog.

The Tolerance setting is saved with the portfolio.