Attachments as part of Idea Engine

  • Attachments will be an option to be included in the Idea Engine
  • Owners can choose to allow attachments or not as part of Idea form as well where on the form the attachments display
  • Attachments convey as they progress through their Project Lifecycle

Who Can Add Attachments

The ability to add and remove attachments in a given portfolio also falls under the overall Permissions Management

Attachments Field is an option for customization for Participants to be able to edit/not edit

Users that can Edit Attachments

  • Owners
  • Participants with Edit rights for the given Project and Attachments Field
  • Contributors to the specific project where Attachments are included as part of the Idea Engine Configuration

Other Considerations for Attachments

Activity logs will be captured for addition and deletion of attachments

DLC-DLX integration

  • When a DLC portfolio is migrated to DLX (via /dlx) any attachments will also come forward
  • When an AHP field is created, the attachments in DLX will also be available in DLC

Attachments are not included as part of a POD file and thus will not be portable

Attachments will also able to be viewed in Combined Portfolios