Admin Console

Decision Lens Accelerate

Administrators can use the Admin Console to see how many people and portfolios have been added to Decision Lens within their organization.

The Admin role is set by Decision Lens Support and gives Admins access to a page to view all people and portfolios within Decision Lens for their organization. This page can be accessed from the avatar dropdown.

The top of the page shows the total count of people and portfolios, and the table allows visibility into who those people are and the names of the portfolios that have been created.

For people that have been added, Admins can see their name, email address, portfolios they are in, role within each portfolio and last date they were active within the portfolio.

For portfolios added, Admins can see each person that has been added, what their role is and when they were last active.

Use the column headers to sort or select the dropdown arrow within a column header to search within the column. This can be helpful to see all portfolios a single person is in, or to see each person in one portfolio.