Admin Console

Decision Lens Accelerate


Administrators can use the Admin Console to see how many people and portfolios have been added to Decision Lens within their organization.  

The Admin role is set by Decision Lens Support and gives Admins access to a page to view all people and portfolios within Decision Lens for their organization. This page can be accessed from the avatar dropdown.  

The page has two tabs to view information about the people within the instance or the portfolios within the instance.  

People Tab 

The People tab displays the total count of people that have been added and has a column to show the status, email and last login for each person. The table is sorted by last login.  

Use the Add People button to add people to the instance, outside of a portfolio. Users that have never registered for Decision Lens, will be sent an email to register. Once they complete registration, they will show as Active within the instance and in the Status column. For SSO customers, adding new users through the Admin Console will send them a welcome email with a link to sign in.  

There are 3 statuses that may display:  

  • Active: User has registered for Decision Lens. Admins have option to ‘Lock Out’.  
  • Invited: (Not applicable for SSO customers) User has been added to Decision Lens. Admins have option to ‘Resend Invite’.  
  • Locked: User has been locked out by the system or by an Admin. System lockout can occur when there have been too many incorrect password attempts at login or the user has a not logged in within a certain timeframe. Admins have the option to ‘Unlock’.  

Select a person’s name to view additional details about them. Upon selection, a panel will display their email and a list of all portfolios they have been added to. Portfolios are sorted by their last update within those portfolios.  

Portfolios Tab 

The Portfolios tab displays all portfolios that have been added to the instance, identifying the total count of people within each portfolio and the last time an update was made within the portfolio.  

Select a portfolio to view additional details. Selecting a portfolio will show all people within the portfolio, their role within the portfolio and when they last made an update.  

Use the arrow within each column header on the People or Portfolios tab to search or filter within a column. Select a column header to adjust the sort order.