Data Import Wizard - Overview

What's new about the 100% redesigned Data Import Wizard?  Well we kept all the good stuff and focused on simplicity, ease of use, and performance improvements to make this the easiest Data Import Experience ever.  

What's New

  • Import Wizard was fully redesigned and migrated from Flex to HTML 5
  • Users can now import additional data for Alternatives such as Metrics and Short Descriptions
  • Resource data can now be imported into a Scenario
  • Import multiple pieces of data at once

How to Access Data Import?

Access the import wizard from the Portfolio Overview page. 

What Data can be Imported?

Alternatives Information

  • Alternative Name
  • Alternative Description
  • Short Response Field for an Alternative
  • Long Response Field for an Alternative
  • Metric Data
  • Alternative Categories

    Ratings Data

    • Import both qualitative and quantitative ratings for users that have been assigned to rate Alternatives