Criteria & Rating Scales

The Criteria and Rating Scales pages have been combined into a single page.  This page has replaced the two separate Criteria and Rating Scale pages.  In this page, the following are included:

Brainstorming Area

  • Optional area to "park" potential Criteria
  • Type a Brainstorm and hit Enter to add
  • Brainstorms can be reordered by dragging
  • Brainstorms cannot be edited once created but can be deleted
  • Brainstorms can be added/removed to the tree by dragging
  • Available metrics will also display as options for Criteria

Criteria Icons and their Meanings

Managing Criteria

  • Dragging criteria will display a drop zone line to define order and level or hierarchy in the tree.

Defining Rating Scales

  • Rating Scales can be only be assigned at the lowest level of any branch of the criteria tree
  • When a Scale has not yet been assigned, clicking on the grey icon will bring up the Rating Scale wizard
  • Options will be provided offering either Qualitative or Quantitative template

Working with Existing Scales

  • Qualitative Scales can be added using the Add Ratings Button
    • New Scale options will automatically be added to the bottom
  • Ratings can be reordered using Drag and Drop to display as desired
  • Clicking Show Rating Definitions will open an editable definition area
  • Quantitative Scale rating points can be added using the Add Rating Button
  • New Ratings will default to a 100 point scale but can be edited as needed
  • Ratings will automatically reorder from lowest to highest number
  • Associate Rating value between 0-1 can be defined
  • Clicking Show Rating Definitions will open an editable definition area