Create a Portfolio

Start creating portfolios from your homepage to begin prioritizing and scheduling your projects.

To create a Portfolio, select the “+Portfolio” option from your homepage. Give your Portfolio a unique name and set if the timing should be in Calendar or Fiscal Years. If working in Fiscal Years, define the start and end month. These settings tie into other features within a portfolio like display settings for columns and help if using features like Strategy Navigator or Bottleneck Analysis.  

Next, set if your Budgets are yearly or monthly. Yearly Budgeting is typically used for financial planning where Budgets are defined at a yearly level. When planning Yearly, all views are at a yearly level however Start and End dates are set as monthly. If you will be doing Spend Plan Tracking, select the additional option to “Include Monthly Spend Plan Forecasting and Obligated Cost Tracking”. This will add a Spend Plan page in your portfolio where you can add the Planned and Obligated amounts for projects.  

Monthly Budgeting is typically used for human resource planning where there are monthly budgets by resource type. All default views are month based however users can view data yearly for an aggregation. 

This setting can be changed via Portfolio Settings if desired. 

Figure 1: Example of selections when creating a portfolio. 

After selecting “Let’s Go”, you land on the My Plans page of your portfolio. From here, select to import or “Add Projects” or “Add Fields” to start populating your portfolio with data.