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Create a New Portfolio

There are two ways to create a new Portfolio in Decision Lens within the Homepage.

Select Create Portfolio dropdown and choose from the following options:

  1. Create New - you will be prompted to name the Portfolio and the system will return the Decision Overview page to help guide you through the workflow. 

  2. Import Portfolio - this is an existing Portfolio Decision file (.cmf)

  3. Create from Blueprint - select from a catalog of prebuilt starter Portfolios that leverage industry expertise.    

Create from Decision Blueprints®:

To add a decision using a Decision Blueprint®, select a Solution Area from the Decision Blueprints drop down and click the blueprint tile you want to use from within that Solution Area.

Note: Decision Blueprints are available to preview for all Decision Lens customers, however usage of a Blueprint requires additional licensing and model creator permissions.

Blueprint Preview:

Once a purchased and licensed blueprint tile is clicked by a user with model creator permissions, the participant will receive a preview that displays a criteria tree and description providing details of the blueprint contents.

Click the orange Create Portfolio to create a new Portfolio using the Blueprint starter model.