Contributor Permissions

The Contributor role enables people to add and manage project data, giving them a limited view of the portfolio. Use project and/or category permissions to refine which projects they can view and or edit.

Adding Contributors

  • Adding a new portfolio user: The contributor role is  the default portfolio role when adding a new user. Use the role dropdown if you would like the people being added to be participants or owners. 
  • Request Ideas Link: When using the link from the Request Ideas form, any people that have not yet registered for Decision Lens will be added as Contributors. 

Field Permissions

Field permissions are determined by the fields added to the Request Ideas form. Any field added to the form, will be visible by all contributors. Contributors will be able to see these fields as they populate data for their projects and also view them for any projects they have permissions for within their Projects Page.

Contributors can use Column Settings on their Projects Page to customize their view and hide or show the fields they need to see or manage at any given time. 

Project Permissions

Contributors can only view and or edit projects that they create or are given permissions to. Owners can set permissions from the People Page for each portfolio contributor. 

Assign by Category

Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 2.59.46 PM

If contributors need to view and or edit all projects within a specific category, use the Project Category Tab to set their permissions. 

Start by selecting the category and then select the category option(s) that the contributor should view and or edit. For each category option, you can specify if they can view or view and edit projects tagged with that category option. Assigning projects by a category option, ensures that any current or future project tagged with that category option will be automatically assigned to the contributor. 

Select to Update Permissions to apply selections. 

If a contributor modifies a projects category assignment for a category they have been assigned permissions, they will be asked to keep or lose access to the project. If they keep access, they will retain permissions for that project. If they remove access, they will no longer have access to the project. 

Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 3.43.28 PM

Assign by Project

Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 3.12.51 PM

To assign contributors permissions to view and or edit specific projects, use the Projects tab in their permissions modal. Projects assigned from a project category, will be noted and disabled. To modify project permissions from a project category, use the Project Categories tab.

From the Projects tab, use the Can View and Can Edit columns to note which projects the contributor can view and or edit. 

Use the All checkboxes to set their permissions to view and or edit all current and future projects within the portfolio. 

Select Update Permissions to apply any category and project permissions that have been modified.