Can I Reuse The Decision From Last Year?

Much of what you have done in year 1 of a repeatable decision can be reused. If you find yourself saying "Yes" to the following questions, you may be seeing some of the efficiency and effectiveness of the structured decision making process already.  If you find yourself saying "No" to these questions, then some re-work of your model may be required before the process is "running itself."

  • Has the overall strategy of the organization (where relevant to the decision) changed?  For instance, is there a new strategic document that might impact the decision?
  • Could a group of stakeholders generally say that the prioritized list felt right?  For instance, are the expected high value projects at the top, while the expected lower value projects at the bottom?
  • Was there generally a good spread from worst to best in the prioritization?
  • Does the highest ranked project have a relatively high value (approximately in the 1.0 to 0.7 range)? 
  • Will you be using the same categories of alternatives in future models?