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Bottleneck Analysis

This User Guide is designed to help you automate your project scheduling and de-bottleneck resources before projects begin.

Navigate to Schedule

  1. Navigate to your portfolio within your Decision Lens instance.
    1. Select the ‘Schedule’ tab on the right-hand side.
    2. If needed, adjust the date range in the top right corner to change your planning window.
    3. Click the icon to access the Bottleneck Analysis feature.

Utilize Bottleneck Analysis

  1. A right-hand panel will open.
    1. Toggle ‘Before’ and ‘After’ to see suggested schedule changes applied in the heatmap visual.
      1. Select ‘Expand’ icon to see larger heatmap and key.
      2. Click ‘<5%’ link to adjust ‘Tolerance.’
        • Type desired percentage number. 5% is feature default.
    2. Explore the selections for the recommended projects to move.
    3. Decide which suggestions to implement by using the right-hand check boxes OR the ‘Apply [#]’ button if you wish to apply all product recommendations.
    4. Suggestions will be applied to the plan and the heatmap visual will change.
    5. ‘Compare to Baseline’ button will also appear.

Compare to Baseline

  1. Click the orange button to ‘Compare to Baseline’ button.
    1. This will bring you to the familiar Summary page where you will now see two side by side plans, your ‘Baseline’ and ‘What-If.’
      1. Click the ‘Add Plan’ button if you want to compare any other ‘What-if’ plans that were previously created.
    2. The ‘Summary’ page shows you the plans side by side and includes ‘Total Budget’, ‘Total Allocated’ and ‘Availability’ as well as the ‘Projects’ that are ‘In’ and ‘Out.’
      1. Click ‘Show Projects’ to view which have been moved in the ‘What-If Plan.’
      2. Explore the graphs to show the software recommended improvements to your OVCRB framework.
    3. Select the ‘What’s In’ tab if you wish to view your plans in a detailed view based on which projects have been selected.

Update Baseline with Best Plan

  1. If you wish to update your ‘Baseline Plan’ with your ‘What-If Plan’, select the appropriate icon.
    1. Confirm the update by selecting ‘Yes! Update Baseline’ button.
    2. This will bring you to your ‘Budgets’ tab with the projects scheduled based on your newly created ‘Baseline Plan.’

Next Steps

Now that you have explored the software recommended de-bottlenecking feature, use Decision Lens to track and manage your Spend Plan or explore Flexible Reporting.

Spend Plan Tracking

Track actual spend for requirements, look ahead at planned amounts into the future, and adjust planned spend as needed.

Flexible Reporting

Achieve flexible reporting that allows you to analyze your data anywhere – in-app, via a BI tool or Office suite – even print reports.