Add or Update Project Data


Activate data into a strategic asset with a familiar interface powering a centralized warehouse to always have data at-the-ready for rapid action. 


Add Projects Manually 

From the Project’s Page, select the  ellipses (…) menu, and select “Add Projects”. Use the Form to copy and paste or enter data manually. Select Add Projects to add the Projects to your portfolio. Projects will be added at the bottom of your project list on the Projects Page.  

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Edit Project Data 

Project data can be edited directly from the Projects Table or from a Project’s Details view. When editing data in the table, you can manually modify it, paste it in or drag the bottom of a cells corner to apply a bulk change to many cells within a column. All Owners and Participants with permissions to a project, can edit a project’s data. Contributors can only see and edit projects they have been added to or create.  


To view a project’s data in a form view, hover over a project name in the project’s column and select the ellipses (…) menu. Select View Project Details. The form view enables you to view a projects cost data, text fields, activity and is where you can add and view comments more easily.  

Select the person icon at the top of the window to add additional Contributors to that specific project.  

Select the ellipses (…) icon at the top of the window to Duplicate the Project, Print the Project, or Delete the Project.  

Use the arrows to move through projects. If filters are applied, you will only move through the filtered projects seen on the Projects Table.  

Graphical user interface, table

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System Generated Project Fields 

Decision Lens automatically creates a handful of fields for additional project data. You will see these fields on the Projects Page and can hide them from Column Settings if you do not need them.  

  • Dependencies: Add a dependency to a project from its details view. Dependencies are factored in when utilizing Strategy Navigator to understand when one project depends on another.  
  • Status: A field used to distinguish where a project is within its lifecycle and if it is pulling from the Budget(s) or not. Statuses can be customized from Portfolio Settings.  
  • Start: Indicates the Month and Year a project is requesting/will be requesting from the Budget. 
  • End: Indicates the Month and Year of a projects last request/will no longer be requesting from the Budget.  
  • Tags: Create Tags to group or classify projects. Projects can have multiple tags, where as the Category field only enables a single selection.  
  • Attachments: Attachments can be added from a projects details view at the bottom of the window.  

Project Lock 

Portfolio Owners can lock projects to ensure data is not modified. Projects can be locked in the Project Details view or from the ellipses menu next to a project name in the Projects, Score, Budgets, Schedule or Spend Plan pages.  

Once a project is locked, its data cannot be manually updated. Owners can override data through import but will be warned on the Review Step of any projects that are locked and will be updated after import. Additionally, if a rank field was updated and cascading took effect, a locked projects rank would be updated accordingly.