1.8 - Fall 2015 Release (October 22, 2015)

Fast. Powerful. Customizable.

The latest release of Decision Lens accelerates data collection for making better portfolio decisions. The Fall 2015 Release delivers streamlined interfaces, dynamic administrative controls, and collaborative features to strengthen your organization’s analysis and engagement.

Features & Enhancements in Decision Lens Fall 2015 Release

Accelerated Ratings

  • Decide how you want to rate – Use the new multi-ratings view to rate your criteria against all alternatives and vice-versa.
  • Choose which alternatives to start with and move through them as it makes sense to you.
  • Need more time or details on specific alternatives? -- skip ahead and easily return later.

Discover a Faster Ratings Process

Richer Analytic Outputs

  • Understand how projects fare against the competition in the results graph.
  • Unlock individual or group voting trends with voter results.
  • Quickly recognize organizational agreement or areas for concern with the new alignment view.

Powerful Ratings Wizard

  • Boost your experience with a customized collection process.
  • Get moving quickly with personalized assignments for all stakeholders.
  • Provide precise instructions and data.

Connect your Best Experts with the Best Data

Customized for You

  • Complete ratings quickly with the new auto-advance feature.
  • Clean up your workspace with hide completed setting.
  • Save time with enhanced sorting, filtering, and searching.
  • Keep a running track of the conversation with enhanced commenting.

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