1.32 SR5 Release Notes (May 30, 2024)

Decision Lens Accelerate

Features Added

  • Project Import Updates
    • When importing project data, use a field other than project name as a Project Identifier.
  • Add/Remove All to Idea Form
    • As an Owner, add or remove all fields to the Request Ideas form.
  • Contributor View Permissions
    • For portfolio contributors, specify which projects they can view, or view and edit.
      Permissions can be assigned by individual projects or use the Categories tab in
      permissions to assign by a specific project category.

Bugs Fixed

  • Totals cells show incorrect Request and Allocated amounts immediately after Cost field changes until page refresh
  • Budgets Projects Time Period columns have different minimum widths for resizing and
  • Budgets view - Renaming a Cost field to the same name as another non-cost field throws error with no explanation
  • Adding Cost to Restricted Budget Causes Error
  • Budgets Projects Column Header menu not opening starting second time period
  • Spend Plan Column Header menu not opening starting second time period
  • Right-Clicking on Budgets Projects Time Period Header opens menu
  • Projects that have numeric names starting with 0 are incorrectly exported
  • Invalid options are accepted in category columns on Budgets and Spend Plan, reverts after
  • Copy portfolio with plan data fails
  • Toast on project delete operations
  • API error when changing Projects Field on Import Preview
  • When Spend Plan data exists for a Project Cost, that Cost cannot be removed from the Project
  • Request Ideas - Incorrect Error State When no Project Name
  • Budget Availability and Cost aggregates are not updated after a rebaseline action
  • New Projects Fields are doubled on Import Preview
  • Email notifications for project comments not received even though "Receive emails for all
    comments" is on
  • Project Details Cost Table: Removing a Cost from the Project does not update the Totals row
  • Budgets are imported incorrectly if Project Costs are already imported
  • DB patch to clear the calculated total cost and budget aggregations
  • Dropdowns and Import Steps Style Fixes
  • Unable to import pod with cost data fields
  • Spend Plan shows obligated amount instead of planned this month
  • Dropdown Refinement
  • Allocate aggregation recalculation is not including project data with no requests