1.32 SR1 Release Notes (April 15, 2024)

Decision Lens Accelerate

Features Added

  • Budgets Page Updates
    • The Budgets Page has been broken into 2 main tabs: Budgets and Costs.
      • The Budgets Tab allows you to focus on your supply and demand for each portfolio budget.
      • The Costs Tab shows you aggregations across Cost Fields for Requests, Allocations and the Difference between the two. You can use this tab as opposed to the Budgets Tab if you are not managing Budget Amounts within your portfolio.
  • Default Cost Field
    • To improve the onboarding process and enable portfolio users to enter project costs quickly, portfolios will now have a Default Cost Field. While this field can be deleted, portfolios will now need to have at least one Cost Field. This field will display in new portfolios, and will not display in existing portfolios that already have Cost Fields added.
  • Map columns during Import

    • To make the import process faster and easier, you can now map columns within your

      spreadsheet to existing fields within your portfolio.

  • Start and End Date Columns will be hidden by default

    • These fields will be automatically hidden in portfolios, but can be shown from each

      pages column settings. In addition, the “Start Date” field has been renamed to “Start

      (First Cost)” to make it clear what this field represents when used.

  • View Obligations for all time periods

    • Customers using Spend Plan can now visualize obligations added for all months on their spend plan visualization.

  • Read-only fields for Contributors

    • When configuring the Idea Form for Contributors, Owners can now add any existing

      Formula Fields or Yearly Cost Columns to the Request Ideas form so that Contributors

      can reference these fields when entering data for projects.

  • Change “auto column size” in projects to use preset column widths

    Bugs Fixed

  • Category permissions are implicit and should remove explicit assignment

  • Fix double-fetching of portfolio fields

  • Permissions view: Plural role ends in " Rs" or " Ts"

  • Project count in Permissions does not display correctly before visiting Projects Page

  • Choosing Removing your own Access to a Project is not working if user previously had explicit


  • Importing Allocated amounts into portfolio that uses them in a formula causes import error

  • Creating field causes error when the user is not in the combined portfolio

  • Dragging fields in/out of idea form configuration is taking a long time to complete for large


  • Rollup portfolio is adding multiple Idea statuses with custom names