1.32 Release Notes (March 12, 2024)

Decision Lens Accelerate

Features Added

  • Reorder Cost Fields

    • Set the order Cost Fields display in from the new ‘order’ column on the Manage Costs

      page. This order will carry forward across visualizations, cost tables and the Budgets


  • Cost Adjusted Value Score

    • Add this new metric into your Score, Projects, Budgets or Spend Plan pages to understand which projects are bringing you the most ‘bang for buck’ in your portfolio.

    • Cost Adjusted Value Score can be turned on in the Score Page from the ‘Add-on’s’ section in the settings panel and added to the Value Score Chart as another way to visualize your data, from the Value Score Chart’s column header.

    • From Find Projects in Strategy Navigator, sort projects by Cost Adjusted Value Score to quickly find those bringing you the greatest bang for buck so you can quickly add them into your plan.

  • Set field data type prior to import

    • For new fields, Portfolio Owners can set the data type from the Preview step, prior to

      importing data to ensure the field will be created with the desired data type (text,

      numeric, category, date or cost)

  • Contributor Activity Log

    • Portfolio Contributors can now see all activity updates pertaining to the projects and

      fields they have permissions to in one place from their Project or Spend Plan pages.

  • Default new fields to No (Other) field dimension

  • Performance Improvements

    • We have made a few notable improvements to portfolio performance to improve load times for larger portfolios when navigating to the Projects, Score, Budgets or Spend Plan pages.

    • Performance has also been improved in Column Settings to make overall usability and speed a better experience.

Bugs Fixed

  • Contributor form takes a long time to load

  • Empty State Displays before Page load when entering or refreshing the Contributors view

  • Gantt Bar Hover tooltip has "Request" and "Allocated" switched

  • Value Score columns are not impacted sometimes when changing Score Weights

  • Loading more than 1000 projects lands user midway down the page on page load

  • View Filters link for time period columns does not open filter

  • Pod does not contain info about isOverallRankEnabled

  • Performance: For portfolios with lots of fields, dragging fields quickly in the Idea Configuration

    form can cause a server error

  • Planned - Executed Column is not Sorting

  • Participant with category permission can not add project details for new project

  • Custom Name is not carried forward to Page Title

  • Contributor Table allows for extra vertical and horizontal scrolling

  • DLX Import fails due to fields coming in as NULL in the .pod file