1.31 SR3 Release Notes (December 20, 2023)

Decision Lens Accelerate

Features Added

  • Contributor Column Settings: Add or remove fields from the Contributors Project or Spend Plan Page.

  • Decision Lens Profile Page: Customers in Decision Lens Accelerate can now view their profile page in order to modify pieces of information such as name. Data that can be modified will vary depending on how your organization authenticates with Decision Lens.

  • Bulk Delete Cost Fields: Delete multiple Cost Fields at once from the Mange Costs Page to assist with Year over Year planning.

  • Budgets Page Enhancements: When scrolling on the Budgets page, you can now scroll the top and bottom tables independently of each other.

  • Budgets/Costs Terminology Updates: We have improved the way to reference Cost Fields and Budgets within a portfolio. Budgets, are the amount of resrouces that each Cost Field can have in order to fund Projects. A number of places have been updated to refelct these terminology updates.

  • Bulk Delete Projects: You can now delete multiple projects at the same time from the Projects, Budgets, Score or Spend Plan pages. Projects that or locked or that you do not have permissions for, will not be deleted.

  • Column Setting Search: Find the fields you want to hide or show faster, with Column Settings Search.

  • Value Score Settings: On the Score Page, use the new “Add-on’s” section to display the Overall Rank alongside the Value Score.

  • View System Field Details: Get additional context for each Decision Lens system field by viewing its details. A brief description is now provided and can be accessed from each fields column header.

    Bugs Fixed

  • Budgets: Adding/Removing fields causes either an offset of column alignment or squishes the "Diff" column

  • Performance: Status Structure work caused Project data imports to be somewhat slower

  • Stratnav Plan Builder requires two runs to get to better recommendations

  • Score page Empty State banner is no longer shown

  • Updating DLC Value Scores requires a Refresh

  • Cost Table in Project Details/Idea form should not have Column Dropdown

  • Long numeric numbers are imported with exponential notation

  • Importing Cost data with the Column name “Name” triggers an API error

  • Updating Field Name causes Error when User is not Owner in Combined Portfolio

  • Add Project on any Page but Projects adds the project but does not close the modal

  • Last Login in People Page is not current

  • Unable to Lock out users on Admin console

  • Formula field operand changes can get reverted in large portfolios

  • Cost Yearly Columns not shown for Contributors

  • Fetching DLI profile is throwing error for some users

  • 'Add Cost' Button Disappears when removing Field Permission

  • What-if plans: Changing project with no costs to start later fails

  • Error in combined portfolio with no project status

  • Category imports with extra whitespace in options can cause additional imports to fail

  • Import Cost Amounts: "Projects" incorrectly labeled "Costs"

  • DB script fix - Error in combined portfolio with no project status

  • DLC SSO is not associating the existing user with email