1.31 Release Notes (October 19, 2023)

Decision Lens Accelerate

Features Added

  • Custom Statuses: The Settings, Status page has been updated to categorize statuses into 3 groupings: Collection, Unfunded, Funded. Customize statuses by adding new ones or renaming those added by default. Change each statuses color to customize it to your organizations needs and reorder statuses to display in a particular order within the status dropdown.
  • Formula Field: A new formula data type has been added to enable Portfolio Owners to create formulas based on a variety of operators: Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide or Days Between.
  • Find Projects: A new capability within Strategy Navigator enabling you to find projects based on a status or category.
  • Duplicate Portfolio: Copy a portfolio when doing year over year planning to bring the elements that should be retained for next years planning. Duplicating a portfolio enables you to bring a combination of the portfolios: Projects, Fields, People, and Comments.
  • Percentage Format: A new display setting has been added for numeric fields so that you can view data formatted as a percentage in addition to the numeric and currency options.
  • Hide/Show column from column header: Select the dropdown arrow from a fields header to quickly hide it, open column settings or access filters (on Budgets and Score Pages)
  • Contributor Empty State: Onboarding for Contributors has been improved. A new empty state will instruct them to Add Projects when they don't have any in their Projects Page.


Bugs Fixed

  • Help icon is not working when pendo is disabled
  • Permissions view does not show view title for non-Owners
  • Importing numeric data that starts with zero should be mapped to a Text Data type
  • Importing Text and Dates gives unexpected results
  • Login issues with users in inactive Group
  • DLC reindex API is throwing exception
  • Unable to add project status from Add Project form
  • DLI unresponsive after running for a week in test instance
  • Last Project is out of view when filtered on Contributors projects view
  • Deleting a Cost field or changing its type causes incorrect Total Allocated and Total Request amounts
  • Spend Plan Edit Permissions Not Working with Category based permissions
  • Import Template Opens to the Wrong Page
  • Swagger code is broken on master
  • Field Description Not Displaying When Hovering Over Field Title in Projects View
  • Legacy Scheduled Status is the Wrong Color
  • Unable to add a correct user to a DLC portfolio when the username is not an email.
  • Fields API errors after remapping Project Field