1.30 SR3 Release Notes (August 10, 2023)

Decision Lens Accelerate

Features Added 

  • Navigation Updates: We have renamed and relocated a few items within a portfolio's navigation construct.
    • Use the ‘People’ link at the very top of a portfolio to manage portfolio users
    • Select ‘Settings’ at the top of the portfolio to manage portfolio details; Statuses; and Project, Budget, and Costs names
    • Select the ‘Projects’ link at the top of a portfolio to navigate back to the Projects Page of a Baseline Plan
  • Updates to Add People Modal
  • Portfolio Settings Updates: This page has been broken into 3 main areas: ‘General’, ‘Statuses’ and, ‘Project, Budget, and Costs’

Bugs Fixed

  • Field Description Hyperlinking Acronyms
  • Fix: Budgets view undo doesn't work as expected for nested rows that are collapsed
  • Entitlement not added for existing DLX users
  • Add Projects: Pasting six or more project names causes the "Add X Projects" action to fail
  • Project time window: "To" can be set to be before "From" until a non-zero cost is entered
  • Login attempt after being locked out by admin sends invalid email
  • Portfolio with no budgets causes server error on Compare What's In view
  • Services not reconnecting to OpenSearch after losing connection
  • Extra trailing blank characters in Categories causes error when adding to Combined Portfolio
  • Participants in portfolios are able to add those portfolios in combined portfolio