1.30 SR2 Release Notes (July 7, 2023)

Decision Lens Accelerate

Bugs Fixed

  • Hitting tab key after entering a value in a date\tag field causes table header to not by in sync
  • Permissions Button Count incorrect when adding and removing people
  • Removing costs from locked projects should not be allowed
  • Wrong Field Type for Costs in framework page
  • Logo Navigation Menu has incorrect styling
  • Text Field Areas do not auto expand to display all content
  • Click Vertical Axis (Number of Row) on Budgets Page - in single budget mode, normal starts a row multi-select
  • Schedule view does not show normal dependency icons, only broken ones
  • Decision Lens Accelerate .pod file export is exporting as a .txt file
  • Combined Portfolios 3 dot menu shows a green dot for Viewers and the export menu is misaligned
  • Project Total and Totals row does not update after Budget is deleted
  • Admin Console Export Has Missing Last Updated Data in Portfolios Sheet
  • Filter panel UI is no longer aligned properly
  • Score page empty state close button has changed positions
  • User status in add people to portfolio is not correct
  • New Comments Indicator is Misplaced
  • Import template download icon and link not aligned
  • A participant can add a Contributor to a Project he has no rights on
  • Values on Request and Allocated time based columns are shown only after refresh after being added to the table
  • Column Settings modal shows "Saving" and "Saved" states after project edits
  • Manage Framework shows "(number) New"
  • Email parsing not working within a portfolio
  • Importing requests as 0’s does not populate 0’s on Budgets
  • Ellipsesed Column Headers do not show full title on hover
  • Limit the number of shards in Open Search to 1 instead of 5
  • Dependency icon does not redirect to the Projects Details Modal in Spend Plan
  • DLI is not responding after couple of days