1.29 SR5 Release Notes (April 20, 2023)

Decision Lens Accelerate

Features Added

  • Activity Log Refresh: A refresh icon will display on any activity page or panel to show when Activity was last refreshed. This includes the My Plans Activity Tab, Project Details Activity Panel, and all Activity panels across portfolio pages.
  • Numeric Data, Calculation for Totals – None Option: When adding or editing a numeric field, you can now select “None” in the Calculation for Totals section. This will prohibit a total from displaying within the Totals Rows or Summary Visualizations.
  • Date Import Enhancements: We have expanded upon the date formats you can import from Excel into your portfolio to include more formats with single or double digits for the Month, Day, or Year.
  • Permissions Modal Layout Updates: We have made a few enhancements to the permissions modal to make it easier to understand the role of a person and what they can and cannot edit for projects and fields while making updates to their permissions.

Bugs Fixed

  • Budgets: When filtered to one budget, refresh causes rows 1001 and higher to be uneditable
  • "Something went wrong" error message is triggered after importing an .xlsx file
  • Blank Data in Combined Portfolio for Category/Value fields
  • Open My Plans and Schedule - Server Error
  • Performance: Combined Portfolio with Category Fields is very slow to load
  • Manage Budgets: Using the table context menu or trying to edit a cell within a couple seconds of loading fails
  • Bottleneck heatmap will not show before after clicking after
  • Modified At Column Sort not working correctly
  • Performance improvements within Score Page
  • Mentioning Contributors on Project Details when navigating through Project Details modals is not working
  • Custom Priority Set cannot be selected in Group Rating field modal
  • Recent Activity Graph continuously spinning within Decision Lens Classic Admin Dashboard
  • Activity logs showing $Project instead of Project when updating project
  • Browsing/autofill issue when adding Participants in Decision Lens Classic
  • Nested header forces top row to overlap data on horizontal scroll
  • Misaligned rows in Spend Plan