1.29 SR4 Release Notes (March 23, 2023)

Decision Lens Accelerate


Features Added

  • Totals Row for Projects and Score Page Tables: The Totals Row has been added to the Project and Score pages to see the sum or average of any data within numeric fields.
  • DLI account lock email template update
  • Date Field: Use our new date field to capture dates outside of start and end for your projects. Dates can be added in a variety of formats. Add a date field manually, by converting an existing field to a date field or by importing date data from Excel.
  • Costs Modal Checkboxes: We have made a few updates to the way you select costs for Projects. Use the checkboxes to select or deselect costs and then "Update Costs" to apply changes.
  • Clickable My Plans Activity Log Links: On the My Plans Activity Tab, select a Project Name in an activity log to jump to view that project’s details.
  • Config switch to suppress comment text and personal notes in emails


Bugs Fixed

  • Importing a spreadsheet with a Custom Name column for Project Name and another column named Project overwrites the data from the Custom Name column
  • Cost Window Start/End Dates becoming Negatives
  • What if creation does not match baseline when Projects have allocations without requests in First Cost Time Period
  • Header color incorrect on Spend Plan view
  • Monthly budgets from monthly portfolios are aggregated in pod imports
  • Error when creating DLC group using Group provision API
  • Reordering Intake Form Fields do not hold their position after delete or remove that affects Included list
  • Converting a Text field to a Date field is triggering an error message on a pod file
  • Date fields are shown as timestamps in the Field Permissions Examples column
  • Converting a Text field to Date field will clear the data from Locked Projects
  • Creating duplicate user profile when adding user using email in a portfolio
  • Chrome 111 crashes after click 'Add Attachments' in project details
  • Request Ideas: Marking a field in the Included list as Required can change its position
  • Spreadsheet export without project field custom name is using incorrect header