1.29 SR2 Release Notes (February 16, 2023)

Decision Lens Accelerate

Features Added

• Ability for admins to prevent people from accessing Decision Lens applications through locking.

Bugs Fixed

  • Importing Budget Amounts in Yearly Mode brings data into the wrong month
  • Cost Import Fails with unknown Cost Field Name
  • Custom Label on Spend Plan Graph
  • Add Costs Modal and Manage Budgets custom field widths are not sticky after refresh or changing views
  • Contributor Projects table: Columns are initially too wide - interacting with them makes them snap to automatic sizes
  • Updating a comment in DLC is not working
  • "Hmm... Something went wrong" error message when access Budgets view importing budgets before any projects
  • Creating DLX portfolio fails from DLC when using JWT token for authentication
  • Invalid JWT parsing when running in SSO authentication mode.
  • Editing Ratings Assignments to ALL