1.29 Release Notes (January 11, 2023)

Decision Lens Accelerate

Features Added

  • Lock Project Updates: We have updated the “lock” feature for a project so that when a project is locked, data changes for that project cannot be made. Only Owners can unlock a project.
  • Rank Field: New field enabling you to rank projects without ties. Ranks will automatically cascade as they are updated.
  • Email Configuration Options
  • Updated language when there are no comments on the Comments Tab in My Plans.
  • Duplicate Custom Names: Use a single term for a custom name across custom name categories.
  • Remap username when email is not used as username

Bugs Fixed

  • Sorting by Status on Projects and Budget shows a different order
  • Export menu options not showing correctly for time dependent pages
  • Performance: Spreadsheet budgets import about 30% slower as of mid-May
  • Score Export for Projects with a 0 score shows as blank
  • Meta Tag noindex
  • Import fails with unknown Budgets Field Header
  • Gantt Chart: Expand icon while hovering on Project name and Dependency Icons are no longer present
  • Duplicate loading animation when exporting from Portfolio header
  • Activity log API call fails with 403 after deleting a project from the portfolio
  • Modified Column Moves after Import
  • Error when downloading report in Decision Lens Classic
  • Decision Lens Classic re-index API fails with access denied error
  • Display name of the Decision Lens Accelerate user is overwritten incorrectly.
  • Project details header and star rating spacing and focus style
  • Participant Search Error when Spend Plan is On