1.28 SR7 Release Notes (November 17, 2022)

Decision Lens Accelerate

Bugs Fixed

  • The continuous scroll breaks in activity log if the zoom level in the browser is not 100%
  • @ Mentioning on Comments removes all other comments on the My Plans Comment Section
  • Project Details modal: 'Saved' wording appears in header when it should not
  • Changing a field from Category to Text shows category IDs until refresh
  • Creating New Project After Duplicating existing one with a Contributor populates with previous project data
  • Max Score Input field is displayed several times when converting from Category Value/Risk to Numeric Value/Risk
  • Converting a Numeric field to a Category Text Value/Risk field is not possible if there is value on only one project
  • Summary View Chart Format shows full negative number without commas
  • Decimal numbers in comments are linked
  • Imported auto-mapped category is auto-scored incorrectly when moved to value
  • Schedule view drop-down for sorting Projects is missing
  • Update default column widths for Score Page
  • Prevent logging application data
  • Replace xstream to read RSS feeds with another XML library

Features Added

  • Spend Plan Chart Updates:
    • Obligations now display as a bar rather than a line.
    • Use the legend on the Spend Plan Chart to hide the lines or bars to only show the data sets you want to see
    • Updated order within the Spend Plan Chart legend
    • Tooltip on chart now includes monthly total for Planned and Obligated alongside the Cumulative Total.
    • In the Spend Plan Chart, Obligated, Planned and Goals data will now present to one decimal place.
  • Field Description on Column Header Hover: Hover over a column header to view the fields description (if one has been added).
  • Improvements to performance when saving comments and updates to Comment Notification emails
  • When selecting to start an import, an import loader will now display as an indication the import has started.
  • Fix vulnerabilities from advanced Grype scanning and DLC Dependency Checks