1.28 SR5 Release Notes (October 20, 2022)

Decision Lens Accelerate

Bugs Fixed

  • Project Comments: At-mentioning users with parentheses in their name does not work
  • Total Allocated line in Spend Plan Chart includes unallocated request amounts
  • Decision Lens Classic is failing to create portfolio in Decision Lens Accelerate when using JWT SSOPrincipalTransmitMethod
  • '1 NEW' field notification displaying and cannot be cleared
  • Locking is not honored for Request and Allocated Columns in Spend Plan when filtered to a single Budget
  • New Project Contributors Sent Incorrect Message in Email
  • Bottleneck HeatMap Tooltips and drill downs on the Schedule Page do not work when filtered by Budget
  • Extra Field Named "Projects" overwrites Actual Custom Project Field During Import
  • Numeric Field has incorrect behavior when there is data in only one cell and Auto Scale is On
  • Scenario Comparison Chart Formats are Incorrect in Certain Situations
  • Changing Owner to Contributor in large portfolio fills up Activity Log with “Removed \[USER\] from \[PROJECT\]” events

Features Added

  • Importing Enhancements
    • When importing Project and Field data, you can now select which columns from your Excel sheet should be imported.
    • Select to go Back to a previous import step
    • Improvements to warnings and errors displayed on the Preview step of import for Projects and Field Imports.
    • For a Project and Field data import, you can now import columns that match system generated field names. These fields will appear with a (1) at the end of the name. Ex: Status (1)
  • Create Decision Lens Classic schema when the services are starting
  • Fix vulnerabilities from advanced Grype scanning and DLC Dependency Checks for 1.28 SR5
  • Proxy API requests through Decision Lens Accelerate UI to avoid CORS
  • Update group provision API to configure ssoPrincipalTransmitMethod and ssoPrincipalKey in Decision Lens Classic
  • Attachment Viewer: View select file types directly within a portfolio
  • Sort on columns within the Add Cost Window or Manage Budgets Page
  • Change default status for new projects to Backlog. Previously, projects added through the Duplicate feature or Add Projects window were added as Drafts
  • Add Min/Max Verbiage for numeric value fields
  • Backend capability to split our email and username for customers