1.28 SR4 Release Notes (September 1, 2022)

Decision Lens Accelerate

Bugs Fixed 

  • Total Allocated line in Spend Plan is only halfway up
  • Searching in Decision Lens Accelerate Producing Error Page
  • Tenant Provisioning API not able to create dlconf.dbconfig entries
  • Budgets Column not able to be resized when a horizontal scroll is present
  • Show full comment in email notification also in outlook
  • Server Error creating Category/Value/Manual Field
  • Attachment Name Does Not Appear on Score Page
  • Contributor Spend Plan View: Data range "Show projects" within/outside checkboxes have no effect
  • Incorrect label for Category field in VCRB
  • Columns in Spend Plan not Sorting

Features Added

  • Modified Column: A new column has been added into the Projects, Score, Budgets, and Spend Plan pages that enables you to see when a project's data was last modified. Show or Hide this column from each page from Column Settings.
  • Show the full comment in email notifications
  • Relocate the Support Resource Center to the upper navigation
  • Spend Plan Cost Updates: You can now edit the Total Request and Total Allocation for each project directly from the Spend Plan when viewing data for a single year.
  • Add Project Name to Delete Project Confirmation modal
  • Remove yellow Baseline Edit Tooltip suggesting What-if plan
  • Update Spend Plan Visualization month coloring for future months
  • Add a property to customize JWT token issuer
  • Implement RS256 algorithm to generate JWT API access tokens
  • Make Authorization header for API calls configurable
  • Update Decision Lens Classic to accept JWT token to extract username
  • Update authvalidator service to accept JWT token to extract username
  • Increase Timeout to 30 minutes