1.28 SR3 Release Notes (August 4, 2022)

Decision Lens Accelerate

Features Added

  • Add Costs to Projects Without Costs from Budgets: When a Project does not yet have costs, use the More Menu next to the Project name to add Budgets to the Project. This provides a quicker way to add costs to Projects from the Budgets Page.
  • Enhanced Data Formatting: For Numeric and Cost fields, select if numbers should display as currency or numbers, set the decimal precision and set how negative numbers should display. 

Bugs Fixed 

  • Sorting on Contributor Projects Table is not Saved.
  • Clicking on Email link for Comment Notification doesn't open Comment Panel.
  • Server Error for Contributor Filtered Data Project Export.
  • Request is gray in Spend Plan Column Settings.
  • Add Value Field missing Min/Max and graph line.
  • Participants can edit sections in Edit Field modal.
  • Scoring Filter Tab Tags - Random Order.
  • Reset filters link visible when default filter already applied in certain cases.
  • Integration: Creating a DLX portfolio from a DLC one doesn't send value scores.
  • Converting Text Field to Value or Risk accepts the change but doesn't convert to numeric.
  • Fix: Sluggish data updates after slider drag in 10K project portfolio.
  • Score missing when switching Balance/No and back to Value/Risk after value assignation.
  • Spend Plan: Showing a column boosts project count by one and makes it incorrect.
  • New tags are not applied to projects when "Outside of Date Range" is unchecked.
  • A warning popover is shown in VCRB Framework when converting a Category-Other-Text field to a Value or Risk dimension.
  • Multi Column Move is not working.
  • Import fails with unrecognized Cost Name.
  • Secondary Sort not working on Projects table.
  • Collaboration highlight on project name cell prevents action menu from working.