1.27 SR9 Release Notes (April 21, 2022)

Decision Lens Accelerate

Features Added 

  • Category Value Field: Score projects using the new Category, Text option for Value Fields. Use our pre-populated category options or enter your own.   
  • Value Visualization Updates: New graphs have been added for fields mapped to Value or Risk, using the new Category Value Field type.  
  • Add/Edit Field Updates: We have made minor layout updates to our Add/Edit Field modal to make creating and modifying fields quicker and easier.  
  • Hide Start and End Dates by Default in Spend Plan 

Bugs Fixed 

  • Add/Edit field modal Min and Max labels are incorrect when field is in "lower is better" mode 
  • Cost data turns into link and is no longer editable 
  • Graphs display Undefined on Value and Risk numeric fields 
  • Contributor and Project Details CSS 
  • Bottleneck - Projects with 0 value 
  • Bottleneck analysis recommendations: Projects lacking data for Value lower-is-better fields have an advantage 
  • Adding digits with single digit and two digit decimal precision results in infinitesimal discrepancy 
  • Budgets Page Export - Costs are Budgets 
  • ALL Budgets Export not Including Projects w/o Start/End Dates 
  • Filtered Export not Including All Budgets 
  • Deleting Last Request doesn't Change End Date 
  • Pod import taking almost 10 minutes to finish 
  • Request without allocation ignored when End date applied