1.27 SR6 Release Notes (February 24, 2022)

Decision Lens Accelerate

Features Added

  • Combined Portfolio Updates
    • Set Permissions while Adding People in Combined Portfolio
    • Revised permissions for people in a Combined Portfolio. Add users as Owners or Viewers. Viewers will not be added to underlying sub-portfolios and their permissions are no longer connected to the Combined Portfolio when they have been added as a Viewer.
  • 1-5 Stars (Quick Estimates) as Category Type: When adding or editing a category field, the 1-5 star category type now displays. If the category field has not been mapped to Value or Balance, you can select to use either Text or 1-5 stars for category options. 
  • Column Settings (Spend Plan Totals) in Spend Plan - Add or remove the columns within the Total Planned columns or Execution to Date columns on the Spend Plan page.
  • Cost Field Update: When adding or editing a field, Cost is now available to be selected as a Data Type.
  • Improved verbiage within the Spend Plan Export.

Bugs Fixed

  • In a Combined Portfolio, users that did not create the Combined Portfolio are receiving an error when trying to comment on a project.
  • Bottleneck not suggesting correct change(s) on the first time.
  • Resulting Cost Grade in Strategy Navigator does not match Plan Grade after accepting all recommendations.
  • Selecting All after filter projects in permissions selects ALL projects, not just all filtered projects.
  • Strategy Navigator chooses lower value projects for otherwise equivalent projects.
  • Costs are uneditable when switching from Monthly to Yearly.
  • New registration causes TOO_MANY_CONCURRENT_SESSIONS error.
  • Draft projects show as editable on Projects view for Combined.
  • Contributor Forming Erroring.
  • Yearly Import displays unnecessary warning of Monthly Data.
  • Custom Name Change reverts back after Import.
  • Portfolio wit many Cost Fields is slow with filtering.
  • Rank Field does not export.
  • When the error pages are present, users cannot use the log out feature.
  • Fields in Intake Form do not stay in desired position.
  • Dirty State message appears when other users make edits to a project while a comment is being crafted.
  • Projects Details Modal lacks next/previous project buttons in two situations.
  • Random order shift upon drag and drop fields in Request Ideas.
  • Opening Idea link time increased from 2 seconds to over 30 seconds.
  • Quick Estimates shown as digits in the Combined Portfolio.