1.27 SR4 Release Notes (January 14, 2022)

Decision Lens Accelerate

Features Added 

  • Column Settings & Filter Panel Updates on Spend Plan: From Spend Plan, you can now add or remove columns to view additional project data. 
  • Budget Fields in Column Settings: When on the Budgets Page, you can now add or remove Budget Field columns into your view. 
  • Modal Cleanup – Standardizes and improves modals within Decision Lens 

 Bugs Fixed 

  • Score and Rank updates not working in portfolios with large number of projects 
  • Additional incorrect Cost Name Headers displayed for Contributor when Owner changes status for a submitted Idea 
  • Contributor Form Cost Table "REQUIRED" tag not shown when Cost Table is required 
  • Grey message should not appear when in error state in manual scales 
  • Importing Costs create new Costs instead of updating existing 
  • Comments notification redirect to error page