1.27 Release Notes (December 2, 2021)

Decision Lens Accelerate

Features Added

  • Project Default Score - Scoring within a portfolio is a numeric representation of alignment to goals. A way to apply scales to produce a score that represents how much a project contributes to a portfolio.
  • Filter Panel Updates o You can now filter by Budget Categories (when added to portfolio and Budget Amounts. Additional updates have been made to the Project Categories section within the filter panel to help make filtering easier.
  • Continue Importing - After completing any import, select the “Continue Importing” option on the last step, to kick off a brand new import with the spreadsheet you just imported from.
  • Export Spend Plan Visualization – Export eh Spend Plan visualization as a .png, .jpeg, .pdf or .svg.
  • Intake Engine: Configurable Cost Window - When the Cost Table is added to the Request Ideas form, Portfolio Owners can specify a Time Range for where project costs should be entered. This helps Contributors know which years or months costs should be entered for.

Bugs Fixed

  • Server error when changing focus from an empty cost cell.
  • Budget Export does not include timeframes for projects that have Allocations but not Requests.
  • DLC Support search dialog remove /en.
  • Cannot export from DLC to DLX after the Default Score work merge • Budget Amounts Importing Error.
  • First spreadsheet import right after the portfolio service starts is failing.
  • authvalidator-service:2.4.0 failed to start.
  • Unable to add costs for additional Costs added after users have opened the Idea form.
  • Intake Form Won't Submit Idea with Single Calendar Year Cost.
  • The Export API call fails when exporting filtered data after a Delete action.
  • Newly created data is not exported when only filtered data is exported.
  • Cost Table unable to be added to Idea Form for Portfolios with Many Budget Fields.
  • Remove obsolete filters from Schedule View.
  • Align arrow when line items text is longer than one line.
  • Initial fetching of portfolios throws exception when the portfolio service starts up.
  • Additional year disabled for "From" date in FY/CY portfolios.
  • Changing non-Cost fields to Cost fields before visiting Budgets shows only the changed fields in Budgets by Cost.