1.26 SR3 Release Notes (September 17, 2021)

Decision Lens Accelerate

Bugs Fixed

  • Double name field for Costs on Contributor form
  • Not enough area in Add Costs Header to click filter dropdown for long names
  • Adding comment results in error if previous commentator no longer in Portfolio 
  • Duplicate email notification sent for previous commentators
  • Cost Window End Date should be set at the end of the month not the beginning of it
  • Cost Planning Window should not be present in combined portfolio
  • Bottleneck not moving projects / Before and After are identical
  • Strat Nav Recommending way Over Budget
  • Locked projects show up as recommendations to move
  • Incorrect debottleneck recommendations for FY
  • Decision Lens Classic: remove cloudflare and bootstrap dependencies for dl-ng-client drop down menus

Features Added

  • Updates to Project Cost Table in Details View: UX improvements were made to the cost tables empty state along with adding 0’s by default when first adding a Budget line to a project in its details view.
  • Date Component Updated in Project Details Cost Table: The date component used to select the planning window for a project in its details view has been updated to match the component used to specify date range in a portfolio.
  • Export Budget Fields – You can now export Portfolio Budget fields in the Projects and Budgets exports.
  • Column Settings in Projects Table: The column settings feature has been brought to the Projects Table so that each user can now decide which columns they want hidden or displayed. By default, we will hide the Dependencies, Tags and Attachments columns.
  • Standardize Project Start Dates across all Statuses
  • Add Budget Field - Text & Numeric: Portfolio Owners can now add two additional field types to their Budget Fields – Text and Numeric fields.
  • A project’s end date will now always match where the last allocation resides, unless the end date has been manually edited.