1.26 Release Notes (August 20, 2021)

Decision Lens Accelerate

Bugs Fixed

  • Title Duplication with Project Navigation
  • The incorrect populated end date on East Coast Time Zone in Project Details modal
  • Zeros should be trimmed from the left side of number like strings
  • Categories with missing name when importing pod
  • Mis characterization of fields with long text values as categories and then fail with duplicate category error
  • Incorrect text for Spend Plan checkbox
  • Start date reverts to wrong date in Project modal on US time zone
  • Error importing/exporting Projects with "5" and ending in "L"
  • Total Allocated Column remains populated with data from not in-play projects
  • Project details right sidecar switches to comments every time an update is made in the modal

Features Added

  • Manage Budgets: A new page enabling customers a place to create, manage and customize their view of budget data.
  • Project Cost Table: Add or remove the budgets a project requests from within the cost table of a project's details view.
  • Cost Planning Window: Identify the planning window for each project within Project Details.
  • Integrate nested rows in Cost Table from Project View Details
  • Budget Category Field: Add category fields to your budget data.
  • Remove averaging costs for backlog projects
  • Column Settings (Cost by Time Period Columns): Add or remove the Request, Allocated or Diff columns within the Projects section of the Budgets Page.
  • Project Details Navigation Toggles: Move forwards or backwards through your projects within the Project Details View.
  • Decision Lens Accelerate Admin Console: Get insight into who has been added to an instance and each portfolio and when their last update was within each portfolio.
  • Add Field Description to Project Export