1.25 SR6 Release Notes (July 15, 2021)

Decision Lens Accelerate

Bugs Fixed

  • Cost table header in project details has incorrect header
  • Export Filtered Budget Data is off by one Fiscal Year
  • Ranking is wrong if the checkbox (Projects Outside of Date Range) is selected
  • Pod files exported from a portfolio with attachments can't be imported
  • Allocated total values are not refreshed when a project moves from an in status to an out status and vice versa
  • Improve Strat Nav recommendations performance
  • Importing large pod files sometimes fails
  • Some fields ( other & numeric & special name) will be renamed when sending data trough AHP into DLC
  • DLX custom statuses not showing up in DLC
  • messaging-service memory leak
  • Performance: Cached grading universe is being evicted unnecessarily, causing grades to take much longer to load
  • Budgets in the Budgets Availability chart ordered incorrectly
  • Incorrect Balance Category order in the Summary charts

Features Added

  • Overall Rank: Gives Owners and Participants insight into a plans top projects based off data mapped to Value, Cost or Risk. It can be used to help in decision making to get a 1-N list when determining which projects to fund within a plan.
  • Budgets Page Column Settings: Enables Owners and Participants to select the columns they want displayed in the bottom table of the Budgets Page. Previously, this was handled through the Filter & Configure panel.
  • Duplicate Project: Owners, Participants and Contributors can duplicate a project to easily replicate its contents to a new project that can be renamed.